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TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM provides BPM native to the TIBCO ActiveMatrix platform, in a unified solution that reduces the cost and effort of developing, deploying, and managing BPM and SOA applications.

Using TIBCO Business Studio™ as the modeling tool, business experts and process developers collaborate to develop model-driven process applications that simplify process development by using a fast, iterative approach that delivers rapid time to benefit. These applications are deployed on ActiveMatrix BPM, which provides enterprise services such as access to data and applications, grid-based scalability and reliability, and management.

ActiveMatrix BPM decouples process and work management to provide flexibility in how work is distributed to people and how they are managed to perform that work relative to business goals and commitments. The workforce can now be managed as a single resource pool, breaking down functional silos, and optimized globally to maximize performance and utilization.

Key Benefits

  • Empowers greater business involvement and ownership in process and work management.
  • Reduces the cost and effort of developing, deploying and managing composite BPM and SOA applications.
  • Simplifies process development, allowing a fast, iterative approach that delivers rapid time to benefit.
  • Maximizes performance and utilization of people involved in the process by managing how work is distributed and performed.
  • Aggregates and prioritizes work from multiple processes and applications by providing a single enterprise work in-box.
  • Provides built-in support for workflow patterns that eliminates complex custom code or rules.

Key Features

  • Model-driven process development – Using TIBCO Business Studio, all aspects of process applications are model-driven: processes using BPMN, user forms and page sequence flows, business data using UML, application services, organization structures, and work items. Processes can be simulated, debugged, and emulated within the modeling environment.
  • Process management – Supports both stateful business process and stateless page flow processes. Processes exposed as services and easily consume services for reuse and composition. Versioning of entire process application with dependency and compatibility tracking.
  • Work management – Work from multiple processes and applications can be distributed across a global resource pool using organization models and capability-based distribution. Routing is dynamic and tuneable at runtime. Work items are aggregated into individual work lists.
  • Workflow patterns – Provides built-in, model-driven support for control, resource, and data patterns (, eliminating the need for complex code or rules. Supports the separation of duties (maker-checker or 4-eyes), chaining, and piling patterns.
  • User workspace clients – Allows business users to view their work lists and perform work using easy-to-use web and mobile clients. Ajax and gadget-based clients can be easily customized or integrated into custom clients or portals.
  • Monitoring, reporting and analysis – Event stream of actions can be viewed, correlated, audited and subscribed to. Visual monitoring tools for insight into individual and team performance. Visually interactive reporting and analysis performed using ActiveMatrix BPM Spotfire.
  • Unified BPM and SOA platform – The ActiveMatrix platform provides SCA-based composition model and OSGi-based infrastructure for developing, deploying and managing BPM and SOA applications.

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