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eB (enterprise Bridge) combines best-of-breed enterprise content management with configuration management capabilities to deliver a powerful Enterprise Information Management system that ensures the delivery of relevant, trusted information–in context–that support our customers’ critical business processes.

eB’s configuration management features enable the rapid development of comprehensive information configurations using out-of-the-box information "objects" that map to your existing business processes. These pre-defined objects include documents, physical items, organizations, people, locations and projects – and have pre-defined data and behavior based on the best practices learned and proven by Enterprise Informatics customers.

The cornerstone of the eB architecture is the ability to establish relationships between information objects and manage those objects through the life cycle of change.  When combined with advanced document and records management capabilities, eB makes it easy to see who is responsible for information, what the information describes, and what other information must be considered if a change is needed.

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