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Open Text Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM)
Control information throughout global organizations to meet competitive challenges and harvest collaborative knowledge
  • Enable knowledge worker productivity

  • Relieve administrative burdens

  • Multiple views for multiple audiences


To be successful in today’s competitive economic environment organizations must be able to minimize the time it takes to leverage enterprise information assets in order to streamline business-critical processes.

Yet many organizations do not have the means to access collective information quickly and effectively. According to Gartner, Inc., employees spend between 30 and 40 percent of their time creating, searching for, retrieving, repurposing and organizing documents — time wasted. In document intensive industries, this seriously impactsthe decision-making process, hindering organizational agility and limiting competitive advantage.

eDOCS DM eliminates the mounting inefficiencies caused by the inability to manage documents as well as the “islands of information” prevalent in many global organizations. It helps control document-based knowledge assets by enabling users to capture, organize, locate and share business content in a secure, integrated, and intuitive environment. From documents, e-mail, graphics, and forms to discussion threads, engineering drawings, scanned paper and electronic-based records, content is consolidated in a unified enterprise knowledge base for easy access and retrieval.


The following features are some of the key capabilities of eDOCS DM:

  • Email Management-

    eDOCS DM enables organizations to organize and classify email within the document repository while complying with corporate governance, privacy, and other requirements. 

    Records Management-

    eDOCS DM offers a complete records management solution to address legal and regulatory issues around records, mitigate business risk and avoid the costs associated with improper record handling. It also averts the consequences that lost or invalid knowledge assets have on the long-term viability of organizational decision-making abilities.

  • Collaboration-
  • eDOCS provides a highly secure, web-based collaborative workspace that allows dispersed teams across and beyond the enterprise to work together more effectively and productively.

  • Document Imaging-

    By transforming paper-based documents into digital knowledge assets, eDOCS DM dramatically reduces the cost of filing, storing, and retrieving paper documents.

  • Business Process Management-

    Whether workflow tasks are document-centric or intensely decision-based, eDOCS significantly increases productivity by automating complex, recurring and user-driven processes while minimizing the costs of document creation, review and handling, as well as administrative tasks associated with business process management.

  • Web Publishing-

    eDOCS enables organizations to rapidly leverage content from its central document repository for use on Intranets, Extranets and Web sites.

Engineering Document Management-

Seamless integration with AutoCAD enables organizations to work more effectively with engineering documents while strategically incorporating them into enterprise document repositories for easy organization and retrieval.


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