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BizFlow® BPM

Since its initial release in 1999, BizFlow® has been the leading BPM Suite for delivering process-driven solutions. Key to its success has been HandySoft’s singular focus on ease of use. Business Analysts and IT Developers alike have the ability to model, simulate, execute and optimize powerful, feature rich applications designed to streamline and automate business processes specifically addressing their unique requirements.

Now on BizFlow® v11.3, HandySoft is the first (and continues to be the only) BPM solution provider enabling users to seamlessly automate and integrate dynamic tasks with structured process. Customers hail this functionality as critically important to meeting their dynamic business application requirements.

HandySoft presents BizFlow® as the most dynamic BPM solution platform is the marketplace. Consider the following:

BizFlow® enables Dynamic BPM.

Dynamic BPM holds that business processes constantly evolve due to both organizational change (e.g., changing workforce, business objectives, and competitive realities) and technological change (e.g., new applications and new capabilities), and that organizations should do everything in their power to align people with process to measurably enhance worker effectiveness. As a result, organizations need a ”business process platform” that supports rapid change and creates agile applications.

Designed for both business users and IT professionals and built to support dynamic business environments, BizFlow® moves beyond the flat, one-dimensional feel of traditional process management solutions. It offers vivid drill-down capabilities, sound critical path identification and analytics, as well as enhanced dynamic process automation. Each of these key, next-generation capabilities provides users the ability to deploy business processes that adapt to and evolve with an organization’s ever-changing business environment.

BizFlow® delivers “Dynamic Business Applications.”

In the high performance workplace of today, users need business applications that meet their needs for flexibility, agility, management visibility, process alignment, and a rich user experience.

With BizFlow v11 Series, we truly offer the marketplace a BPM Suite for creating dynamic business applications. Users can build applications for rapid modification and execution, variable conditions, and short-lived situational needs. They can also conceptualize process information for real-time executive monitoring and decision-making. And only with BizFlow® do users get to seamlessly automate and integrate dynamic tasks with structured processes to drive visibility, control, and productivity across all work that happens within an organization.

BizFlow® Delivers ROI.

Hundreds of organizations worldwide use BizFlow® to create dynamic business applications that deliver value measured to date between 50% and 500% ROI. For example, Samsung uses BizFlow® within their heavy industries and insurance operations. Within two years of implementation, Samsung Heavy Industries saved $845,000 in management oversight, increased outsourcing production volume by $2,520,000 and reduced material selection time by $338,000.

Ask us for more customer ROI examples or go to our download section to learn more.

BizFlow® Combines All BPM Capabilities on One Platform:

BizFlow® is a full featured BPM solution platform. Everything needed to create a process-driven application is included. Functionality and their underlying capabilities include:

  • Process Modeling
  • Business Rules
  • Process Monitoring
  • Dynamic Tasking (Ad-Hoc Routing)
  • Business Application and Forms Development
  • Flexible User Interfaces & Collaboration for Global Workforce
  • SOA Integration
  • Process Monitoring
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Security & Administration

BizFlow® –Process Modeling Capabilities

Process discovery and modeling should go hand-in-hand. As Project Managers and Business Analysts collaborate with Developers, the BizFlow® modeler will help capture and illustrate workflow with corresponding business rules.

Users can model process and sub-process. For example, users can easily define a sub-process such as Quality Review where all of the paperwork associated with the upfront origination and underwriting is made available to a worker or team for review. A collective or singular approval/forward or reject/rework sub-process can all be defined via a point and click interface.

BizFlow® - Process Modeling with Embedded BPMN

Business Advantages in using BizFlow for Modeling:

  • Enables virtually anyone to create a workflow, maximizing time to value
  • Supports team collaboration and efficiency through reuse and developer models
  • Provides drag-and-drop interface to reduce training time and costs
  • Uses what-if-analyses to quickly determine bottlenecks and risky events impacts
  • Documents all work for compliance and reporting

Technical Advantages in using BizFlow for Modeling:

  • Provide collaborative development platform between Business and IT
    • Enables project team approach
    • Model “AS IS” as well as “TO BE” processes
    • Add business rules, forms and integration points to model for automation
  • Ensure effective process/policy communication
    • Design using clearly understood BPMN and swim lanes
    • Enables drag and drop modeling
    • Outputs documentation in many languages
  • Manage the process revision lifecycle
    • Manage both process instances and archives
    • Propogate changes in real-time for long running processes
    • Produce process documentation to improve process requirements and policy communication.
    • Maintain an auditable historical record of process changes.
  • Minimize the learning curve by using standard BPMN (business process modeling notation)
  • Provides completely open platform with Eclipse

BizFlow® – Business Rules Capabilities

What separates BizFlow® as a BPM Suite from common workflow tools is the integrated business rules environment. Right from the process modeler, users can double-click activities to add business rules to each activity or process definition.

In a codeless fashion, Process Modelers can add business rules affecting:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Routing
  • Security
  • Deadlines
  • Ad-hoc Tasks
  • Application integration

Business advantages in using BizFlow® for business rules:

  • Reduces costs by using one platform to manage all characteristics of work
  • Makes changes quickly and efficiently without coding; safeguards investments, saveing time and money
  • Maximizes collaboration among Business Analysts, Developers, and Users

Technical advantages in using BizFlow® for business rules:

  • Use point and click design to apply business rules into your business processes
  • Works with 3rd party business rule engines over service oriented architecture (web services or native EJB integration) to deliver a single application and/or multiple applications
  • Enables intelligent participant selection by delivering work to individual, group of people, or an individual with least work (workload)

BizFlow® – Process Monitoring Capabilities

Every HandySoft customer mentions the value of visibility. It is the first benefit of many that stems from a BizFlow® solution. Visibility coupled with business analytics provides a mechanism to monitor and report on business performance and risks.

With BizFlow®, users can see process status – who is doing what, what has been done, where are the bottlenecks, and bottleneck causes. Managers can understand what they need to do to improve productivity. Users can be more collaborative because they have instant access to attachment and comments and understand what ad-hoc routing has occurred.

BizFlow goes beyond simple graphic displays of in-process work items. Workers and managers can easily drill through a process diagram to discover important process details such as time elapsed, deadlines pending, and total processed instances.

BizFlow now takes monitoring a step further in providing users Critical Path analysis. Critical paths are those requiring the most time to complete. BizFlow® monitors critical paths in real-time and flags those reaching assigned thresholds so that workers can respond to bottlenecks or exception handling policies. This capability helps customers to ensure transactions meet deadlines while supporting SLAs, regulatory requirements and other critical business objectives.

BizFlow® - Process Monitoring and Status Checks

BizFlow® - Critical Path Analysis

Business advantages in using BizFlow® for Process Monitoring:

  • See business performance in real-time according to self-made metrics.
  • Measure operational performance based on key performance indicators.
  • Sense problems as soon as possible.
  • Know what is causing bottlenecks.
  • Capture a complete audit trail for regulations and compliances in your business area.

Technical advantages in using BizFlow® for Process Monitoring:

  • Click once to get et all details of a particular process instance.
  • Accumulated data can be used for more detailed analysis and problem solving.
  • Places zero burden on IT to tracking process instances and tasks.

BizFlow® – Dynamic Tasking Capabilities

Tasking is a common workflow activity. BizFlow® enables process participants to initiate actions or punch out of formal processes to task and collaborate with others. Like email, this ad-hoc routing capability supports parallel processing. But unlike email, BizFlow provides complete visibility into task status as well as control over task distribution.

Today, BizFlow has become the industry standard tasking solution. Expanded capabilities include tasking templates, group tasking, tasking modification post approval, and more. BizFlow provides a complete tasking and action tracking solution.

BizFlow® - Dynamic Task Initiation, Routing, and Monitoring

Business advantages in using BizFlow® for tasking:

  • View the real-time status of an entire task’s life-cycle. Know who is involved, their tasks, status, comments and deliverables.
  • Act on information quickly to create, cancel, suspend and restart tasks. Modify tasks, add assignees or reassign work upon acquiring new intelligence.
  • Build a culture of organizational and personal accountability by tracking and auditing employee turnaround time and quality of responses.
  • Immediately initiate actions in response to changing market conditions, competitor news, or company goals and objectives.

Technical advantages in using BizFlow® for tasking:

  • Provides users out-of-the-box capabilities to initiate, elevate, copy, change, postpone, delegate, re-route, and cancel tasks.
  • Initiate tasks directly from Email with automatic email content scraping technology.
  • Initiate tasks directly from Web-based forms such as Adobe LiveCycle.
  • Use a single, centralized, pictorial view, clearly illustrating the journey of a task from creation to assignment to sub-delegation and completion, including all individuals involved, all comments and collaboration, all attachments and all status information.

BizFlow® – Business Application and Forms Development Capabilities

Human-to-human processes largely revolve around forms, a reason why BPM naturally dovetails with document management and records management platforms.

BizFlow® delivers forms development capabilities as part of its integrated business application development environment. Customers can use BizFlow® forms or integrate with other form technology such as Microsoft Office, Adobe’s PDF, ASP and JSP. Furthermore, anyone allowed access to a web-posted Adobe LiveCycle form or Microsoft InfoPath form can now initiate processes within BizFlow. The data captured by these forms is submitted to BizFlow for processing. In this way, BizFlow® delivers ROI quickly through ease-of-access, ease-of-use and reuse.

BizFlow® - Forms Development

Business advantages in using BizFlow for forms development:

  • Use electronic forms exactly like paper forms to give users what they already understand.
  • Quickly and easily design forms that include logos, tables, scripts, complex spreadsheets, and more.
  • Present material in an easy-to-use, simple-to-follow format.
  • Save money by re-using existing business form templates and applications.

Technical advantages in using BizFlow for forms development:

  • Provides integrated forms development environments
  • Supports common Web forms and client forms, such as JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML forms, Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Forms
  • Strings multiple forms in one process instance

BizFlow® – Flexible User Interfaces & Collaboration for Global Workforce

BizFlow® is widely known for its extremely configurable end user interfaces. Unlike systems that require customization through coding, BizFlow® configuration is completely point-and-click and wizard-based. That means non-technical people can make changes they need when they need them and that customizations are ‘upgrade free.’ There is no need to expensively re-apply changes when a new version of BizFlow® becomes available.

BizFlow® can be directly-accessed or dropped into almost any JSR-168 compliant portal environment. Customers can separate out BizFlow® portlets (aka “BizCoves”) into different portal areas. And each area within the UI is configurable to individual user or user group needs. Plus now anyone can initiate processes from the Web through forms from Adobe LiveCycle and Microsoft InfoPath. No licenses required.

BizFlow® also provides many collaboration features both in the development cycle and during process run-time. BizFlow® enables, captures, and tracks commentary, tasks, documents, and attachments associated with each process instance and makes that available to each contributor.

BizFlow® - User Interface and Portlets

Business advantages in using BizFlow®’s UI:

  • Let your team access their processes in common business settings.
  • Create easy-to-understand work spaces quickly.
  • Modify work area based on user requirements.
  • Configure portlets with common user vernacular.
  • Reduce your cost for end user friendly work space development.

Technical advantages in using BizFlow®’s UI:

  • Provides configurable views, “Portlets” (aka BizCoves)
    • Worklists
    • Process Initiation
    • Report and Report Lists
    • Monitor Views
    • Dashboards
  • Comes Global Workforce Ready
    • Multiple Calendars for groups in different time zones
    • Deadlines in User time zone
    • Access work directly from email
    • Localized in many languages
  • Drop into Portals
    • Microsoft Sharepoint
    • BEA AqauLogic(formerly Plumtree)
    • IBM WebSphere
  • Integrate with EDMS
    • Microsoft Sharepoint
    • Documentum
    • OpenText LiveLink
    • OpenSolutions DDS
    • BEA

BizFlow® – SOA Integration Capabilities

Finding and entering data to documents makes up a large part of the average work day. Through integration, process-driven applications can pull data into forms, automating workflow steps such as data entry, data validation, and data changes.

Whether through adaptors or Web services, BizFlow® excels at getting at this data and introducing it into the workflow. With BizFlow® users can create or reuse web services to link application forms to data records. And using out-of-the-box adaptors BizFlow can harness document management systems to enable document imaging, versioning, and archiving.

BizFlow® - SOA Integration

Business advantages from using BizFlow® for integration:

  • Improves productivity by automating data entry, data validation, record changes, and document versioning.
  • Supports agile change management.
  • Rapidly incorporates external data into processes without the high cost of customer development.

Technical advantages from using BizFlow® for integration:

  • Provides and leverages an Service-Oriented Architecture through standards-based integration: XML, XSL, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.
  • Creates business services compliant to SOA. Publish a process as a Web Service, allowing other applications to invoke a business process through Web Services.
  • Incorporates Web Services into interactive BizFlow® Forms to automate data entry, validation .
  • Registers a Web Service in BizFlow® and use this as a step within the workflow (e.g., execute an external rules service and access that rules service through a Web Service).
  • Extends BizFlow®'s application integration capabilities further with ESBs by enabling multi-step, multi-system transaction management in a SOA orchestration environment.
  • Supports business process execution language (BPEL).

BizFlow® – Business Activity Monitoring Capabilities

Process visibility and control is based on underlying rules governing workflow. Each rule – deadlines to maintain service levels, parameters for effective business policies, participants for best expertise– creates a performance indicator that can be monitored and analyzed for positive feedback for continual process optimization.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) serve as the foundation for process optimization. KPIs include:

  • Turn Around time
  • Lead time
  • Throughputs
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Delivery Time service level agreement

For example, turn around time is a measure of efficiency. Faster turn around means better performance. In some cases, however, there is no set turn around time. Thus identifying and eliminating lead time becomes critical. With BizFlow®, organizations can standardize these metrics. With BizFlow® BAM, they can monitor them. The result is a proactive system that provides real-time awareness helping organizations to not only better estimate production but also find and reduce bottlenecks – a boon to productivity and efficiency. Finances must be tied to goals and objectives.

UUsing BPM and BAM organizations can track and measure goals and objectives by tying them directly to KPIs. This technique can drive tremendous productivity improvements. Gains made in visibility and control result in dramatically higher levels of organizational agility, customer awareness and conservation of critical resources.

BizFlow® - Business Activity Monitoring Capabilities

Creates and manage static thresholds and rule-based alerts

  • Triggers actions and responses
  • Conducts current state impact analysis

    Business advantages to using BizFlow® for business activity monitoring:

    • See, monitor, and respond to business performance in real-time.
    • Provide rapid decision making execution through pre-defined KPIs, alerts, and proactive decision responses.
    • Quickly identify bottlenecks for process recalibration and optimization.
    • Transform alerts into pre-determined actions .
    • Track and assess risk based on critical factors to resolve problems before they become headaches.

    Technical advantages to using BizFlow® for business activity monitoring:

    • Provides point-in-process monitoring of KPIs and SLAs

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