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Features & Benefits

  • Upgrade any media to a higher capacity storage media
  • Migrate your data from one media type to another media type
  • Convert data from your old system into your new system
  • Consolidate platforms
  • And much more!

Digital conversion services provides for translation of information between incompatible computer systems, media types, file structures and software packages. We can convert virtually any digital data or media storage format – to any other data or media format – or to an industry standard format.
Conversions become the economical answer as businesses merge, storage solutions and media evolve, legacy systems age, maintenance costs soar, support disappears, and the lack of operators who understand the legacy application cuts into operation efficiency.

Why & when to convert

Running incompatible applications, formats, or media is risky, costly, and unnecessary!

New hardware may not be able to read old applications and media. And old hardware is costly and inconvenient to keep running. Legacy documents and files can be very slow to access (wasting your time) or may not be accessible at all (putting you at risk legally). And when companies or departments merge, sometimes their systems don't! Converting your data can resolve these issues.

When to convert? When you are:

  • Merging two separate business entities
  • Sharing information between offices with different systems
  • Changing software packages or hardware platforms
  • Using outdated storage equipment
  • Needing repetitive service calls to keep the system running
  • Merging or consolidating operations that use different equipment, software, or backup devices
  • Acquiring data from outside sources on incompatible media or in the wrong format
  • Changing equipment vendors for archival applications or storage
  • In need of a specialized software application written to complete or perform a data or media conversion


  • Experience dramatic productivity gains
  • Retrieve data exceptionally faster
  • Increase efficiency
  • Comply to legal records management requirements
  • Significantly reduce retrieval and storage costs
  • Secure data
  • Convenience


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