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Film to Digital

Features & Benefits:
  • Transfer microfilm, microfiche, & apertures cards to any digital format.
  • Convert static data into active digital information
  • Improve the availability of legacy records
  • Organize index data

Most organizations have accumulated storage of microfilm and/or microfiche as part of accepted records management practice. With increased user demand for online access to information, the demand is growing to make these legacy records available within an Enterprise-wide database. All pointers to case, claim, and customer information can now reside in the Enterprise-wide database. Index data can be organized into virtual file folders for easy reference.

Film to digital conversion can meet this demand. A properly executed project can accomplish the information management goal of ubiquitous access while fulfilling the archival responsibilities of records management

Discover the film-to-digital advantages of faster retrieval, expanded capabilities, multiple location access, space and cost savings, and productivity today.


An efficient conversion program will convert images with no loss of fidelity, under conditions of security and confidentiality. We have dedicated conversion services facilities with high-speed equipment, best practices, secure processes, and experienced, skilled technicians.

Trinity Wave has a reputation for expertise and quality. We understand the requirements of document imaging management and workflows.

Don't trust your critical, confidential data with just anyone. Trust it with Trinity Wave.

  • Send your data/media to us
  • We label it with a bar code and track it throughout the conversion process to ensure a complete audit trail
  • Our secure processing facility features a fireproof vault for storing media during conversions
  • We reconcile the outcome and give you a complete list of data that wasn’t converted and why
  • Extensive quality control measures are strictly adhered to before, during and after conversion
  • Through advanced image enhancement software, we deliver exceptional, cleaner images, often better than the original, with smaller file sizes than obtained through other scanning methods.
  • We can encrypt the data before we send it back to you for further security

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